Westwood Country House

Blarney's Premier 4 Star Bed & Breakfast

Contact us

Westwood Country HouseDSC00968.JPG Hens

Tower, Blarney

Co. Cork


Email:  info@westwoodcountryhouse.com

Tel ++ 353 (0)21 4385404
Mobile ++ 353 (0)86 0806534


Westwood Country House GPS Co-Ords:

Longitude     8 Degree    37′  40″        WEST

Latitude         51 Degree  55′  32″       NORTH

Email: info@westwoodcountryhouse.com



One thought on “Contact us

  1. Fergus: Thank you for the care and concern when my wife became ill during our visit. She is much better the following morning after a day of bedrest in Dingle. The suggested electrolyte medication at the pharmacy helped by the end of the day.

    We loved our stay at Westwood Country House and highly recommend it to travelers.

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